18 Games in one app!


Bugs and



Offering uniquely detailed graphical styling, beautiful music, and advanced interactivity, Bugs and Bubbles is designed to engage, entertain, and educate.

Age Range: Pre-K to 1st Grade.

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Packed with over 18 games and activities in one title, Bugs and Bubbles offers plenty of choices for children to explore and play. The game is designed to overlap and extend the skills addressed in Bugs and Buttons to a more advanced level.

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Enjoy an eclectic mix of organic and industrial scenery around the mythical Uncle Bob's Bubble Factory where you can harvest, pinch, pop, and even nudge fantastical bubbles.

Key Features.

• 18+ games and activities *

• 50+ minutes of beautiful music

• 36 achievement stickers to earn

• Automatic game play with

  graduated stages **

• Multiple user profiles ***

• Adaptive play provides challenge

  with less frustration

• Advanced multi-touch interactions

• Visual instructions that display

  and hide automatically



Critical Learning.

• Balance                • Pinching

• Colors                  • Shapes

• Counting              • Sorting

• Letters                 • Tracking

• Patterns               • and more...

Imaginative Play.

• Bowl through bubbles with a woodlouse, also known as a roly-poly

• Fly a bumble bee through a bubble laden flower garden while collecting stars

• Pinch and collect bubbles from an experimental garden

• See how high you can stack boxes before the fall

• Harvest bubbles by catching and sorting  by color

• Trace letters on a foggy window with a green fly

• Pop bubbles in the bubble field (don't  touch the bees)

• and lots more...


   * Which and Follow Me are available in English only.

 ** Game stages expand in auto-play when enough achievements have been earned from previous stages.

*** Multiple User Profiles are only available on iOS and  must be turned on using the iOS Settings.


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